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Press Release CRTV

Kwalar Emmanuel representing BONGNJO Foundation at CRTV The Monday show. Watch the Interview below, Just click PLAY.

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International Cooperation

We have established not only a business relationship but also a friendly one with exchange visits between us and our clients. While providing the best quality of wood in a professional and timely manner, we still believe that we can be even better. Ours is a young company needing capital investment in exploring and exploiting equipment especially.

Our Exploration and Exploitation divisions need the necessary specialized equipments to function. It is in this sector that foreign investors are sought. Forest exploitation in the south of Cameroon where the wood is in ample supply is challenging in term of equipments. First, the topography of the area is flat meaning that swamps and rivers are frequent. Lumbering along the highway has been exhausted by villagers, small and medium sized investors. Any meaningful exploitation will necessitate the creation of access routes as far as 10km in certain areas especially if hard wood is of interest.

Soft or white wood is still readily available within the two kilometer periphery. We own a number of forest equipments and heavy machines, but hire most from other companies to enable us create roads and evacuate the wood in a timely manner to satisfy our clients. This explains why we usually demand an advance payment if need be. We need heavy machines, trucks and a kiln facility (KD) to better serve our clients. Offers from our international clients are welcomed as we aim at a greater and fuller collaboration in the future.

The Executive Director attends Finals of football tournament

The Executive Director (Mr. Kwalar B. Emmanuel) attends the Finals of the annual football tournament held at Ndu Sub-Sivision, which is sponsored by Savanna Woods.

The football tournament is held in the month of August.



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