Corporate Social Responsibility

Six years down the road since the SW dream started, and it feels natural to take stock of what has happened so far. On the business front, SW is taking the changes in international business circles in her stride, thanks to a young and energetic work force that is abreast with modern info and communication tech as well are savvy in their respective areas of expertise. This financial success has had important social benefits to our host communities.

While this momentary success is not absolute (it really never is in an environment of endless opportunities which is in perpetual motion), SW feels it is part of its moral duty as well as an important manifestation of company vision to share with and inspire the communities in which we work as they are important collaborators in our line of business.

Recently the finals of the maiden edition of a football tournament in the town in which SW saw the light of day played. With twenty eight (28) teams in contention the tournament which spanned an entire division in the NW region, was the highlight of the summer holidays with each match pulling mammoth crowds. Apart from the excitement which it caused, this tournament which bears the name of the SW CEO was a company success for more than one reason. SW is a company that is desirous of empowering the youth in the communities in which she operates.

Through this tournament, this end was achieved through the cash prize and the various career choices that were made by direct and indirect participants. More so, the ideals of camaraderie, fair competition, hard work, excellence, achievement and the respectful celebration of victory which are sacrosanct to the game of football are ideals which SW stands by. Furthermore this sporting meet furthers the idea of a sound body in a sound mind through the practising of a regular physical exercise as well as the HIV-AIDS free screening and counselling that was carried out during the sporting jamboree as SW believes in a healthy youth to lift Cameroon out of its current situation.

The tournament also offers the opportunity for SW to sensitise the population on the effects of climate change and global warming as per the Copenghagen Summit of 6th – 18th December 2009. Finally and most importantly, this highly mediatised event is like a beacon of hope to the Cameroonian youth. It tells the beautiful story of the potentials of the Cameroonian youth. It is a clarion call to arise from slumber as if to concur with Jean de la Bruyere when he says:

“No road is too long to the man who advances deliberately and without undue haste; and no honour is too distant for the man who prepares for them with patience”.

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