About Cameroon

Located on the central west African coast, over half of Cameroon is forested, with equatorial rainforest to the south and evergreen forest and wooded savanna north of the Sanaga River. Compared to other African countries, Cameroon enjoys high political and social stability. This has enabled the development of agriculture, roads, railways and large petroleum and timber industries.

Official name Republic of Cameroon
Capital City Yaoundé
Population 17.6 million (2007 est)
Currency CFA franc
Official language English and French
National day May 20th
Export goods Crude oil & petroleum products, Lumber, Cocoa beans, Aluminum, Coffee, Cotton, Food products.
Main export partners Spain 16.2%, Italy 14.1%, France 10.2%, UK 9.9%, U.S. 9.6%, Netherlands 5.1% {ref. wikipedia.org 2004[update]}
GDP $30.17 billion (2004 [update] )
GDP growth 4.9% (2004 [update]
Cameroon Flag Cameroon Coat Of Arms Cameroon Map

Cameroon is bounded on the North by Chad, on the East by the Central Africa Republic, on the South by Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea and on the West by Nigeria. Cameroon is a country with several major towns, amongst which are YAOUNDE, the political capital of the country with about one million inhabitants. DOUALA, which is the major economic city, has more than two million inhabitants.
The other main towns are GAROUA, BAFOUSSAM, MAROUA, BAMENDA etc.

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