Our Mission

Founded in 2005, by Mr. Kwalar B. Emmanuel a young Cameroonian who admired his dad’s fondness with planting and harvesting eucalyptus for sale to the National Electricity Company for over 20 years, Savanna Woods was born with the impetus to exploit and export exotic woods from Cameroon in a more responsible manner.

Savanna Woods is a relatively young Cameroonian Company specialized in developing, exploring, exploiting and exporting exotic species of tropical woods. With over one third of Cameroon lying deep into the lungs of Africa (the Congo Basin), the country is blessed with hundreds of species of woods that are in great demand the world over.

In 2004, France alone imported 817.000m3 of African Tropical hardwood from Cameroon to a value of 256 million euros. This makes Timber exploitation look like a very lucrative business and has attracted lots of exploiters including some reckless, irresponsible & illegal ones who are instead helping to fuel the destruction of one of the world’s remaining primary rain forests.

Savanna Woods promotes sustainable forest management – environmentally, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests for present and future generations. It is our fore core principle to promote, encourage and teach “Principled pragmatism” as far as forest management is concerned.

That is why the exploration department of Savanna Woods among other things identifies those rare species that risk extinction and is helping the government to protect these species instead. Our contribution to the preservation of the forest has distinguished us from other timber exploiters as we have brought an added and new dimension to responsible exploitation that could seriously impact our biodiversity.

Our Development department is seriously involved in the planting and harvesting of Eucalyptus species that are used the world over as electric poles and also involved in tropical forest rejuvenation, prospection and data collection.

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