Our Management

At a time when responsible behavior is sought for in the management of tropical forests, Savanna Woods, stands out as the perfect choice for timber product exploitation in Cameroon in particular and the Congo Basin in general. Completely aware of the responsibility of timber exploitation, yet desirous to put at the service of our partners worldwide the best possible quality wood in as professional a manner as possible, we at Savanna Woods are in a class of our own as we strive to honor our engagements to you and protect the planet.

Offering an impressive range of species at competitive rates, we seek to seduce our clientele with personalized offers as our mill can meet even the most demanding or creative of orders.

Our commitment to industry is matched only by our commitment to the environment as evidenced by our strict adherence to local and international statute as well as our support and empowerment of local and indigenous forest populations.

Whether it is the realization of your darling project, or meeting the demands of business, or yet again insuring the survival of local interests or ultimately championing the cause of the planet, we at Savanna Woods humbly submit that the beauty of tomorrow is found in the woods of today.

Kwalar B. Emmanuel,

Executive Director

Below is our Corporate Organisation structure

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